Veggie Power Burgers

Who should buy this book?

  • Burger lovers wanting to cut down on meat.
  • Parents teaching great eating habits.
  • Vegans and those wanting gluten-free burgers
  • Dieters tired of dieting.
  • All preventing heart disease and cancer.
  • Those concerned with Diabetes Type II.
  • All who exercise.
  • Eco-Friendly people - save the planet.
  • Those wanting to maintain youthful looks.
  • Addictive eaters avoiding junk food.


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Mindful Metropolis

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For vegetarians looking for delicious and fun new recipes, and for anyone wanting to reduce or eliminate consumption of meat, the Veggie Power Burgers cookbook opens a whole new world. The easy-to-read book includes 20 recipes for international style burgers—Mediterranean, Asian, American Southern, Southwestern—10 recipes for smaller two-inch breakfast or snack patties, 29 special sauces and relishes, and 20 complete menus which suggest vegetable accompaniments for the burgers.

The book also serves as a vegetarian primer, extolling the virtues of vegetarianism both for humans and the planet, and offering instructions for making egg substitutions, for sprouting beans and seeds and for cooking beans and brown rices. It also provides a helpful glossary of terms for ingredients such as Aduki Beans and Arrowroot flour, and lists additional vegetarian information resources.

I made the Deep South Kidney Bean Burgers and was absolutely blown away. It could have been the red peppers and onions taking on a special sweetened flavor. Or it could have been the smudge of tomato paste and magical two tablespoons of maple syrup. Whatever it was, these burgers, which were made with mostly ingredients I already had on hand, were absolutely delicious.

I also made the Mediterranean Chickpea burgers containing Bulgur wheat, and my husband, a meat eater, immediately gobbled down four. My son uttered a muffled “Good,” while taking another big bite. When I made the lentil burgers containing fresh ginger, carrots, onions and curry, I opted for a double batch. Those went like hotcakes too, and even my dog was desperately begging—maybe not opting to cut back on meat, as we were attempting to, but realizing something truly delicious was being eaten.

Susan DeGrane is a Chicago-based freelance writer.

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Testimonials from those who have bought the cookbook and tried the recipes

"The books arrived yesterday, and they are BEAUTIFUL! You have obviously expanded the content - I'm looking forward to experimenting with all these new recipes. The photography looks fantastic too. The book is so attractive and the pictures make the reader salivate and want to jump right into making the recipes. I've carried your original copy with me on trips west recently, so I could make the recipes while there...."

Lynda Mitic, Retired HS Principal

"I bought a copy of your book (Veggie Power Burgers) at Veggie Fest and have to tell you I absolutely love it! I'm a nutritionist and have a practice in Connecticut. Thank you so much for your fabulous, easy to make, delicious, rockin' power burgers! They are absolutely on my list of recommendations for my clients!! I would like to purchase 5 copies of your book for my practice."

Take care for now and eat well,
Lisa Zola, Nutritionist

"It was great meeting you at VeganMania (A vegan Fair held in Chicago Oct 09). What an awesome day! The best thing that happened was finding you and your Veggie Power Burgers! I love the cookbook and I just mailed my mom her copy. She is busy gathering ingredients to start cooking away. I made the Mexican Black Bean Burgers first. They were a success! I wanted to freeze some, but not one was left to freeze. Then I made them again to stash some away in the freezer. This week I made the Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers. Yummy! I'm off to the market to pick up the peanuts and a few ingredients needed for the Thai Peanut Burgers. Can't wait to get cooking. I wanted to thank you and your team for this book. It is very detailed and the recipes are well tested as I can tell from the success I've had so far. I love that every burger has a beautiful photo. My favorite thing to do is to cook for the ones I love. I wish you all the best with your book sales and happiness. I will think of you each time I mix up one of your delicious recipes.

I made the Thai Peanut Burgers and followed your son-in-law’s suggestion and had one crumbled on top of a mixed green salad with an Asian dressing. Delicious! I follow Dr. Fuhrman's “Eat to Live” plan. These burgers follow the plan perfectly. I did adjust the oil and bread crumbs in the recipe. I used natural spray olive oil and I substituted the bread crumbs for oat bran. For the Thai Peanut Recipe I changed the peanuts to dry roasted and unsalted. I lost 19 pounds in 6 weeks. I've been Vegan for four wonderful years, but was eating processed breads and pasta. Dr. Joel Fuhrman cleaned up my almost clean diet. Thanks to Veggie Power Burgers I have new good eats to top my salads."

Thank you,
The Best to You and Yours.
Julie Sterner

“I love Veggie Power Burgers after a hard workout.

They taste great, fill me up, and provide all the nutrition I need to power my next physical session.”

Brian Martindale, (Brian has led mountain biking tour trips from Canada to Mexico on the continental divide trail and several road trips across the US from San Diego to Jacksonville.)

"This burger (served as part a veggie power burger demo) is pure with vegetables, beans and grains. It is full of energy, low fat and tastes very very light, but it fills you up."

Ms. Meena Narwal (Meena is a long time vegetarian.)

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